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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bentonite Clay Cleansing: What Is That?

I am a late follower of a lot of things. I read up on bentonite clay in 2011. I was looking for something to get rid of my adult acne. I heard about this on a post about facial cleanings. But this was not my first time with clay.

I used a St. Ives product that contained clay. I can safely say that if you use something like this, it will tighten your pores. It will also dry your skin.

I finally purchased bentonite clay a few months ago. I bought Redmond Trading Company. I bought it because it was edible. And that was what I wanted when I did a search. I wanted something that would cleanse internally and was safe since I had a bevy of issues and the regular stuff would cause more harm than good.

I saw an improvement in regularity. I did more research and purchased two more of the Redmond Trading Company. I could have used what I had and created my own substance, but I wanted to keep the powder for the continual internal cleansing.

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I used the new purchases on a cut and I believe mosquito bites. I've seen images of bentonite clay used on open sores, medium-sized wounds and other injuries. They did help in the healing. My mosquito bites shrunk. The cut healed. I has a bump and that shrunk by a third after 24 hours, and was gone in three days. The only side effect was a red mark that took a month to fade. My skin is brown but you would have to stare at it in order to see the red mark. It wasn't bright and there wasn't any pain.

If you are irregular or want an easy internal cleanse, I recommend bentonite clay. I mixed a teaspoon of clay in purified water. I used lukewarm water because I wanted the clay to melt faster. I did not eat the clay; just drank a thoroughly mixed water. I drank between 6-9 ounces at first three times a week, but lately five days a week. I also used water that had electrolytes added like SmartWater from Glaceau. Which helped with the taste. It's not a horrible taste but it definitely isn't great.

The only drawback? Drinking the clay can dehydrate you because it is pulling the impurities out of your system. You should definitely drink at least 50 ounces of water. Two quarts (64 ounces) or more would be better. You can substitute juice or any other drink that replenishes. That does not include green or black tea, coffee or soda (regular or diet). I would not include juice either (would not recommend adding lemon), but sometimes just water is boring. There may be other side effects, so do your research. Otherwise, happy cleansing!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Technology: Is It A Trap?

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What would we do without technology? How many of us lose our minds when we cannot use our phones, tablets, or laptops? I have experienced that last week through a power outage.

Everything I do work-wise is through the Internet, so I could not do any work for most of the day.  I could not contact my clients until I went to my local library. It was a sad thing. And when all urgent things were handled, then boredom set in.

No TV, no radio (no batteries). Of course, I could read a book or magazine (of which I have a lot thanks to free subscriptions), but in the midst of that, I was still bored. I took a nap.

The day, which is normally interrupted by a lot of phone calls, was quiet on that front. When power was restored, it lasted 30 minutes before it went out again. Right when I decided to sign in and do a bit of work, too. After that, I got my act together. By the time I reached the library a second time, it would have closed so I recalled that somewhere in a closet was a phone that would work. Instead of checking online, I called in.

I prepared to have a second set of hot dogs (gas stoves FTW) since I did not want to use the grill, but the power came backed on and I made a different meal. I worked that evening, and then I thought about the lack of technology. I wondered what would happen if we lost all technology. I shuddered.

As technology advances, many things have changed. But as life becomes easier with technology, what happens when we can't use it? Personally, I think a lot of us go through the five stages of grief.

Between 2002 and 2010, I had not flown on a plane. When I did, I took a book, not a laptop. I did not rely on my smartphone. But everywhere I looked I saw laptops, smartphones and tablets in heavy usage.

I know what to do when there's no electricity to run the things that keep me from boredom, but what about those younger? And how do parents cope with their children? I do not want to imagine that.

When people say we should disconnect from all our tech, I agree. But only so people would know what to do if electricity is unavailable. Otherwise, stay connected.

**Looks like I'm back for a bit.**

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Weep For The Babies

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Ironic. Also hilarious. Nabbed probably from Pinterest.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Work Those Dreams!


Nabbed here from Pinterest.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: So Stubborn


Found on here on The Minority Report. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Hot Chocolate Substitute: Hello Carob!

Every few months I look for another coffee substitute. While plenty of people have hyped up green tea as a coffee substitute, it's more an alternative. Green tea, white tea, and black tea all have caffeine. There hasn't been enough studies for me to try cacao powder. Half say it has caffeine; the other half says it doesn't or the amount is so minuscule, it's practically nonexistent.

I digress. In my search for coffee substitutes, I read that carob powder would work. I also read carob powder is better as a hot chocolate substitute, well cocoa powder substitute. Chocolate has caffeine so that was off my list.


I quickly went to a health food store and purchased a can. On the can was a recipe for a carob latte. It basically stated add two teaspoons to a cup of hot milk.

I microwaved the milk. Then I added two heaping teaspoons of carob powder. Many people say that the carob bean is naturally sweet. They say it's not bitter like chocolate. They were wrong. I added sugar.

Once I did that, the drink was enjoyable. Well, until I had drunk two-thirds of the drink. Then it became bitter and chalky and grainy.

I thought maybe it wasn't mixed well so I added a few more ounces of milk and microwaved it again. This brought me to a half-cup. After drinking a third, the chalky and grainy taste was back. I gave up.

The instructions did not mention heaping teaspoons so that is where I failed. But they did not mention that it would be better to use a pot not a microwave. You should also use a whisk and not a spoon.

I need something a tad easier. For me, milk is expensive. We buy the lactose-free kind. While hot chocolate made with milk is great, the steps to get that are for a special occasion. The same with a carob latte.

I will try it again with less carob powder. I've seen several recipes that use water and milk. I might try those, too. Carob powder does work as a hot chocolate substitute. I believe it can also work as a coffee substitute. I had more energy, but it wasn't like chicory or coffee, and isn't that what we're after?

Do you have any great carob powder recipes to share with me?